Experiences with Livestreaming Second Life to the web

August 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm (Uncategorized)

ImageHello everyone! Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Robin Heyden on a live event titled, “Population Control.” The challenge was to film in Second Life, while livestreaming out to the web. There were about 20 individuals inside Second Life as avatars, and then a few dozen tuning into the Livestream channel on the web. 



This was my first experience using livestream and it was very successful! Robin, myself, and the rest of the team ran many tests, making sure voice was clear through the channel feed as well as lag being controlled. The service Livestream as a pro version worked perfectly! It is capable of streaming gaming, so once your application is open, even the sound is picked up without the necessity of any outside audio device. It is very point and click! All I had open was Livestream, my application Second Life, and my Fraps video recorder. The goal was to record all the video at the same time so that later we could make a  montage for YouTube, hence Fraps.

I had looked at other streaming services, such as UStream and found that they didn’t support streamingImage audio from a gaming application. Livestream also gave many options as far as quality. I believe I streamed at the highest quality available with few connection issues, if any. 

A few notes on things I will keep in mind on future Livestream events:

1) I will probably choose to use more of a still camera. So I would set up a 3 camera (invisible camera) target points in Second Life that I can switch to back and forth. Motion Flycams sometimes have a laggy look on Livestream. 

2) I will test audio not just through the Second Life channel, but on the Livestream channel as well.

3) I will make sure to make all Livestream viewers aware that they can pop out the video viewer and enlarge it as much as they want. This is a great feature to ensure everyone is at the viewing quality they feel comfortable with!

Overall, Livestream is a great experience for those hosting live events! Below is the edited montage from the event:


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