Looking back on the Old and into the New

January 4, 2011 at 10:17 pm (3d animation, animation, computer animation, Machinima, second life)

A New Years wish- Steelers to win the superbowl!!

Hey everyone! It is a new year and with a new year comes new opportunities. Instead of jumping into twenty eleven, I wanted to update you on our whereabouts in 2010:

We had the opportunity to make a machinima about Gronstedt Group’s new hurricane simulation training sim for their client, CUNY:

Link: http://www.vimeo.com/15312707

We then teleported- to a new Virtual World! We made 6 educational videos about Congress to be shared with students in schools around the country. I can’t reveal too much about this, but I will instead be able to share the final cuts in a few weeks- coming soon! Featured videos include the Rotunda, the Capitol Building, House of Representatives, and the Senate.

I also got to work with a medical startup in the ‘burgh. I’m really interested in seeing where the medical world takes machinima, so this was a great opportunity that could extend into some training videos on products. Their “avatar” movie as they liked to call it was presented in place of a Powerpoint, which proved to be successful.

We also worked with my favorite Second Life- based company, Startled Cat run by Jenaia Morane and Dusan Writer! As a team, we filmed a Veteran Dialog event and are heavy into post-production right now. Let’s just say, it’s a tear jerker! The opportunity for veterans to get together in a common safe place and having the option to be anonymous at the same time is an incredible option.

There were also a number of great opportunities to present Powerpoints and screen videos about Framed in 3D’s point of view on animation and machinima. We were able to present for Karl Kapp’s class of ambitious students. For those of you that don’t know his amazing research and work within 3D Virtual worlds and gaming, I highly recommend his site: http://www.kaplaneduneering.com/kappnotes/  I gave all his students beers at the end of class– but don’t worry, they were pixelated beers!

We also presented alongside the founder of Vastpark and many others at an Association of Virtual Worlds network meet up where each presenter was given 10 minutes and the audience then had the opportunity to ask questions. Should you be interested in speaking about your business, I recommend signing up at this webpage. The location of the meetups (aka which Virtual World) changes every month: http://www.associationofvirtualworlds.com/meet-ups/meetups-sign-up/

In Pittsburgh, PA, we also met with members of the PYP group (Pittsburgh Young Professionals) where each of us rotated and delivered topics ranging from animation to investment banking! Let’s just say, everyone made a lot of diverse friends at that one! I also did a company spotlight at the YEC Luncheon at the Rivers Club. For all you non-Pittsburghers, that is a popular roundtable networking spot that overlooks the city.

It has been our busiest year and we’re thrilled to be caught in the middle of a whirlpool of opportunity for the changing face of Virtual Worlds! Let’s set up a pixelated coffee meet and catch up?


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