What happens when a University Class, social media, and machinima collide

July 14, 2010 at 1:50 am (Uncategorized)

So a few months ago, I wrote a post about a VERY influential, inspirational university class that was in production for a rap video shot in Second Life. Read about my initial reactions on what they were doing here:


From hearing their first ideas to the release of the video, I was amazed by how much their ideas advanced and how much technology they were able idealize in a short 4 minute span. The video, in my mind, encompasses the multi-tasking that everybody in the internet age has to manage. It really makes you realize how complex these systems are, how each one is different, how each one is just a language on its own (audio/video programs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). For me personally, I realize there’s sometimes this severe disconnect as everything I react with is so mechanical, yet I take for granted the repercussions of a society so focused on technology. Even the 2D stencil drawing of the rapper makes me realize that no matter how 3D it appears, we are still subject to a 2D space where there is a clear element missing- human to human interaction. It’s scary, but at the same time powerful what we can create now and how much influence each one of us HAS the potential for. However, the question is whether we’ll use these technologies for the right things?

So away my abstract interpretation, this video was meant to be more fun, exciting than I made it out to be, especially according to the lyrics. How does it make you feel? Do you think my interpretation can be viewed through a more positive light? Check it out for yourself:


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  1. JJ Aucouturier said,

    I really like your take on this. Our choices for the video reflected the technologies we used in the class to communicate with the artist over the internet, from Tokyo to Philadelphia. We used Skype for video conferences in class, submitted prototypes on youtube, met in Second-Life, etc. In fact, the video is as much a video about the process than about the song. Your post makes me realize how reflexive the all thing has been.

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