I went a little paparazzi on #SL7B. Pics from my favorite booths!

June 22, 2010 at 3:50 am (3d animation, animation, Machinima, second life)

I guess you need a big cake to feed all the wonderful artists!

Going to Second Life’s 7th Birthday Fiesta makes me feel a peculiar way.. like peeling off (ok.. going into inventory and detaching) my flip flops and sinking my feet into the grass to people watch all the cool hipsters and their artwork. Every year, Second Life celebrates its birthday by offering a free plot of land to every artist, engineer, scientist, videographer, etc.- basically if you are part of a collaborative effort, you’re in! With that land, you can anything as long as it stays mature and reasonable, but you get a limited number of prims (basically, there’s only so many “objects” you can make on this land). In fact, the prim amount is so low that it’s hard to sacrifice. Sometimes, you have to go a little more simple with your exhibit. Ironically, I see a lot of people going all out too– What is their secret sauce??

Anyways, trying to view all the exhibits is overwhelming! A popular blogger, Dusan Writer once said something along the lines of this, that Second Life is the largest collaborative, creative venture on the planet. Where else can all these different types of people come together and show off their talents? You can visit each booth, and a lot of times you get greeted by the actual artist and they try to give you a lot of free stuff. I went a little paparazzi on the thing today and tried to capture my favorite booths. I’ll share a few snaps with some select words– enjoy!!

Nothing like starting out a little melancholy with a gargoyle statue. I thought the rain complimented the statue perfectly. You really start to see the detail when moving in– and when you boost your graphics settings you really see the care put into this.

This was a great sculpture where each oval had a separate room, but the rooms were tricking your perspective. You can see in the shot below it that only the table in the foreground was an actual object, the paintings and everything else in the distance are actually just a picture– can you tell the difference? Basically what happened was I walked in and kept going– until I realized I was going nowhere fast 😉

Feeling a little Alice in wonderland.. Can you spot me? (Hint- I’m in all white)

Standing atop an invisible prim as these misshapen balls begin to take shape at the bottom and blast up into the air, becoming more oval in the process. I swore I could feel them whishing past my feet 🙂

I love how the textures and lighting were done in this booth. The avatar animation was great- I wish I can grab it for myself. It oddly reminds me of my own office at my RL home. And that’s also the position I spend my time in 90% of the day. Oh yes.. and my avatar has a mac in there.. as do I.. as do I.

I believe this was some sort of political statement, or recreation of a famous city street. I loved how the textures look like photos taken in real life. They didn’t try to recreate it in animation form, but rather transform the 2D images so they fit in a 3D world. How do you think they did? It looks unique- doesn’t it? It reminds me of taking a pack of playing cards and building a house from the cards, which are flat, and suddenly the building you make has 3-dimensionality to it. Funny how perspective works.. that goes to the Alice in Wonderland exhibit as well. Very well done!

And my absolute favorite booth! I think this artist’s passion for writing seeped over me. If you can squint, you can see my avatar posing as a letter. Each of those black boxes allows you to pose as a letter or number so you can spell anything you want. I love the colors and textures, how everything blends and has almost a childlike naivety for it.

Ok.. that’s me posing as the letter A- for Ariella! Check out the pen in the background with pages for leaves– in the exhibit, the pages were fluidly moving like wings.

And I leave you with this image to ponder. Each of those squares is a plot of land that belongs to 1 artist. I tried zooming out as much as my camera could bear it, but the map goes on and on and on– imagine that!

Now I invite you to post your own discoveries of SL7B– your favorite booths, presentations, events, etc.!



  1. Vladim Anisimov said,

    шикарные 3D-анимации

  2. mimi muircastle said,

    One of your favorites jumped out at me too! The writing one and the colors were perfect! Here is another one that is a quiet oasis in the midst of the tiny SL7B plots of prims! This artist also creates her own textures!


    Enjoyed your post 🙂

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