The Visualization of Data– in Virtual Worlds!

June 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm (Spotlight)

One of the pages from our Storyboard

When I first met Annabelle Fanshaw (SL) to produce an animation video for her project, we instantly clicked. Ann’s goal? To show how much data effects our lives and can enrich us. She wanted to capture something to an extent that was not available to us in the physical world yet. However, the “Possibilities” of the virtual world made it easy to prototype her vision. In essence, the vision was to capture the “visualization of data.” I learned the importance of data and how much we take it for granted. It is not a coincidence that the video is called, “Possibilities” either. 🙂 Possible or not, Ann and I weren’t afraid to get our gears moving, or in many cases, running. I think it really reflects on not only the finished product itself, but also on the production process itself. Ann and I met many times, had about 9 revisions of the storyboard, and put ourselves in the situation of our lead character, “Mr. B” to give us inspiration for more and more Possibilites. Many scenes were cut, others were lengthened. Typical production process, but somehow it felt more powerful than any other video I’ve done the whole way. The message was clear and it spoke to me. In the end, the animation received a standing ovation at the Federal Consortium conference for Virtual Worlds.

Any other words fall short of what you’ll learn watching this video. I want you to watch this and think about the world around you as if all physical and natural objects could tell you information, give you data at all times of the day. Perhaps a truck rolls by on the street and you were able to see what it was transporting and how far it was traveling? Perhaps trees could process images to us that described history through its age rings. Or perhaps clouds could be another communication device to relay a message to another person far away. We would be aware of the world around us and become practically all-knowing, right? How does that make you feel? Scary or full of possibilities? Take a look at the finished animation and see for yourself!


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