Machinima Woes!

March 15, 2010 at 2:02 am (Home, Machinima)

"Those annoying Star things"

Those annoying star things

When shooting machinima, sometimes you run into a few technical walls. Not to fret— I ripped my hair out over these issues for you already and have come up with some solutions. 😀

Issue: When I’m filming, an avatar started to edit something and white stars shoot out of their hand. Help!

Solution: Turn on your advanced menu. Click advanced- Rendering- Types- Particles and let go. Particles will no longer be seen, including those annoying star things. Careful though, it will also turn off any effects such as a campfire, fog, etc.

Issue: When I’m filming, there is a beautiful city in the distance but I can’t see it until I move my camera closer to it. Why does it keep disappearing?

Solution: Increase your draw distance. Go to Edit, Preferences, Graphics. Draw distance is on the right– increase it and you will see the background pop in in real time. Adjust it to your liking.

Issue: I’m lagging!

Solution: Sometimes filming in a different resolution can help. If you click Edit- Preferences- Graphics you can click the Window Size and choose a more conservative number like 1024×768. You can also turn off water reflections, turn down ground detail and tree detail, etc. which will save on your frames.

Although, you should probably never film if your frames per second (FPS) is below 12-15. You can check this by pressing View- Statistics bar and it is the first number that constantly flashes.

Issue: Texture are popping.

Solution: You can tell textures are popping when you zoom in and out and it suddenly starts to pop black then gray than white. This is an issue with the prims. The owner of the prim can move and slide it, basically by cause and error and see what stops it.

As always– should you have some machinima woes, please feel free to contact me and I can probably cure them for ya!


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