University class takes hold of the reins to a rapper’s fame– in Second Life!

February 26, 2010 at 4:13 am (Home, Machinima)

Legrand's album cover for "The Professional"

I’m been networking with a teacher from Temple University’s Japan campus about his very very intriguing class project in Second Life. The students have all been participating on a project that will launch hip hop artist Legrand’s career– in the virtual world! This project is appropriately called, linsl, or Legrand in Second Life.

I met with Jean-Julien the other day about this project. He says Japan’s music scene is really unique. If you aren’t big somewhere else first, you won’t get big in Japan. In other words, it’s not really a place where musicians get discovered that easily. So, by launching his career in Second Life and cushioning him there with some good publicity, the Japanese crowd would potentially pick up on his talent.

The students will be responsible for everything in the launch- including pre-preduction for the music video (storyboard and planning), the filming, and  the post-production, which is something one of the video students are taking on. The class will also take on distribution for the artist, promoting him in Second Life, which a lot of legwork is already done for them with SL’s active musician scene.

I was really impressed with the intensity of this project. It will really prepare the students for some priceless hurdles in the future. To be honest, this sounds like the process I go through when working with clients. These students are getting a taste of the working world while learning marketing, filmmaking, and best of all, collaboration skills as a team. It definitely sounds like they have their work cut out for them, but I know they’ll take a lot of these skills and use them in the future. I’ve offered them a helping hand during the filming process. I’m really exciting about their project!

Jean-Julien (they call him JJTokyo) is very passionate about this project and keeps an updated Twitter and webpage on the project. Here are the students sending a shoutout to the rapper. Tell me this isn’t inspiring!


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  1. JJ Aucouturier said,


    We’re excited to write that the “Legrand in SL” video launches this week: Friday July 9th.

    We’re biased of course, but it looks amazing. We hope you’ll like it too.

    Get a sneak peek now:

    The #LINSL team @ Temple University Japan

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