February 21, 2010 at 10:46 pm (Home, Spotlight)

Prepping actor with a headset

Prepping the actor with a headset

Getting to work with on their promotional videos was a thrill! The balance of the real and virtual productions were challenging at the very least.

For the virtual footage, we shot it in 1 day at different hotspots in there. A bunch of their employees played 1 of the 6 characters- we couldn’t have 1 person log in as more than one because the planned shot were so action-based that they’d constantly have to be toggling something. We shot all types of scenes and it was hard limiting the footage down to the 30 seconds. Most of the footage was selected based on the focal lengths– the commercial was all about having fun and expressing emotion. Emotion shines through the best in closeups!

The real life shoot was also a ruckus in itself, although a fun one! Here’s some behind the scenes facts:

  • We shot in my parent’s house. Ahh the parents of a filmmaker, everything they own is used and reused in their kid’s film projects!

    Beadboard and silk screens

  • We used the Red Camera, a very cinematic camera that produces stunning results. Very expensive!
  • We worked with a great crew with Benji Bakshi as the director of photography.
  • It was freezing cold outside and the crew was getting frostbite
  • The dog in the “Connect” commercial is my puppy Ricky. He’s 15 years old! Not so much a puppy anymore.
  • We had a large crew and some nice lighting and grip stuff.
  • It was an overall VERY fun day! Everyone was splendid to work with

And here is the feature presentation, the commercials!

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  1. toufovou said,

    Great work guys! Any idea where I can find the 2 songs that were used? They are super. Especially the song used in the “Play” commercial.

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