Utopia of Virtual Worlds

February 20, 2010 at 6:49 pm (Home)

A lot of people discredit the phenomenon of virtual worlds, saying it will distance people from society. “Experts” claim that children who delve in video games find it more difficult to read facial expressions and understand emotions. I’d like to agree to disagree with all the above. What I DO believe is that in general, people are going out a lot less than they used to, since so much of the ability to connect has gone online. With a few changes to the world’s architectural design, however, that can change.

The “experts” should look at our society today instead of discrediting virtual worlds. I take the train avidly during the week pass long towers of buildings, where within lay endless cubicles. If anything distances one from their peers, it is the cubicle. The building’s floors are monotone colors, uninviting and intimidating, making even the beauty of the magic hour sky stir up goosebumps. In Philadelphia, there are a few buildings that try to paint over this truth by building more aesthetic architecture. It doesn’t shade the fact that looking through the windows, it looks like death. Copy machines, walls, limiting dress codes, poor ventilation.

One day, everyone will be able to work online. Even if collaboration is required, the ability to connect with others geographically will be simple. What will happen?

Let me try to paint a picture if everybody could work from home:

Ahhh... Freedom

LESS Carbon Footprint: Less paper waste, less cars on the road so polluted air, less reliance on fuel.

Architectural design: Less slim towers and more open, low to the ground, work places without walls but instead many rounded tables and individual work spaces if necessary- with wifi! And many cafes at every corner during breaks to chit chat and connect. More websites that target internet users geographically and tell a little about each person near you– easier to make friends!

More Parks: Green, open air, benches and work spaces outside to enjoy, plug in. Free wi-fi to allow all users of all incomes to connect- destroying the digital divide.

Less Large corporates ruling everything: More intelligent, ambitious entrepreneurs that encourage a team spirit. The new-age internet revolution gives more opportunities to EVERYBODY and not just the privileged.

Sure, this may be a long way off– but not THAT LONG. After all, we are the first generations to have to seek that balance with technology and virtual worlds, and create a positive lifestyle rather than letting it “dominate” us. You know what they say? It’s all about moderation!



  1. Holt Roussel said,

    Well said! Can’t wait for us vw users to be the norm. I like being a trend setter.

  2. Nonna Gelman said,

    Good points. Also, less commuting, more time to CONNECT with family and friends. That brings on another slew of benefits.

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